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Infinity Tutorials

  Imparting Education The Way It Should Be!

Welcome to Infinity Tutorials

We believe that each and every student is unique who needs conducive environment in order to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially. As an educator, we desire to help the students to meet their requirements and potential in these areas. We provide an environment wherein the teacher acts as a guide allowing student’s natural curiosity to ask questions and direct their learning and promoting respect for the society. We help the students by providing access to the information and knowledge rather than providing the information directly to them. Students need the opportunity to construct their own knowledge and to discover for themselves and practice skills in the real life situations. At infinity, we provide an environment wherein students’ search for knowledge is met as they learn to solve their own problems by using the available information and the knowledge.

We also give equal importance to the students to develop interest in their studies and the opportunity to apply things in their real life situations. We provide simplified concepts to the students so that they get motivated to study hard and master the skills that are necessary to achieve their goals in life.

At infinity, we encourage the students to have a dialogue with the teacher and their fellow students and share their ideas and approach to the problem. When each child is free to voice his/her ideas, an environment is evolved wherein they feel motivated to approach and solve their problems by themselves leading to self-discovery of the students.

For us, teaching is our passion and an opportunity to help the students in their continual learning and development. In this competitive age, it is important for the students not only to receive constructive education but also to learn with someone who is aware about student’s needs and requirements and the one who is sensitive towards their uniqueness.

Our vision is to Impart Education The Way It Should Be!
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